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Getting Rid Of Mice: What The Experts In Redding Want You To Know

December 16, 2023 - Mice

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Is there ever a time when mice are a benefit inside of homes? We would argue that there is one situation where they might provide a benefit. This is when they are kept as pets. Pet mice can be pleasant and cute. The same thing cannot be said about pest mice. The more freedom these rodents have, the more problems they cause.

Here is what you should know about the mice here in Redding and how to address these pests inside or around your home. Contact Jefferson Pest if you want to know about your options for professional mouse removal. We have amazing rodent control offerings and would be more than happy to help you deal with these or other problematic local pests. 

Identifying The Common Mouse: Differentiating Mice From Other Rodents

It is not always easy to identify mice. These pests like to stay out of sight as they do not like interacting with creatures larger than themselves. If you do see a mouse, you can identify it by its round body, red or black eyes, round ears, thin tail, small paws, and two front teeth.

A good way to find out your home has a mouse infestation is by looking for the signs these pests leave behind. Common signs of mice include fecal droppings, urine stains, the smell of ammonia, scampering sounds late at night, torn-up fabrics, damaged insulation, ripped-up books, holes through walls, and similar forms of damage. For help identifying mice, talk with our team about our comprehensive inspection services. 

Why Mice Are A Problem: Health Risks And Property Damage

Living with mice inside your home is not a good idea. These local rodents are an active threat to human health with the way they pick up and spread sickness vectors. Mice have the ability to get you sick with a bite or by leaving fecal droppings and urine around your home for you to interact with. They also get people sick by carrying dangerous fleas and ticks indoors.

To make things worse, mice are also destructive. They actively chew holes through walls, damage insulation and fabrics, and can even sever electrical wires with their teeth. Avoid these problems by avoiding mice.

Mouse-Proofing Your Home: Sealing Cracks And Removing Attractants

If you do not want to find any types of mice inside your home, one thing you can do is put in place some preventative measures. Here are some tips and tricks to get you started.

  • Seal holes, gaps, and other openings around your home’s exterior foundation.

  • Make sure your doors and windows have proper seals.

  • Address food messes and drink spills when they happen.

  • Clean up clutter and do your best to keep up with general house chores.

  • Store food inside air-tight containers.

To guarantee mice stay out of your home, talk with our team at Jefferson Pest about our rodent control offerings. 

Professional Mouse Control: Why Expertise Matters

We do not want you living with mice. These pests are too dangerous and destructive to be allowed to stay inside your home. For fast services to handle an active infestation on your property, bring in our team at Jefferson Pest. We will dedicate ourselves to you and your well-being. Let us find a service option that will best handle these terrible home-invading rodents. If you are dealing with other pest problems, we can help you with those as well.

Contact Jefferson Pest now to learn more about mouse extermination or if you have unanswered questions about these pests. We will talk to you and find out what you need to deal with or avoid these pests in Redding.

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