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How To Get Rid Of Rats On Your Redding Property

June 15, 2021 - Rats

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Rats are interesting creatures in that they are loved by many as adorable pets, and at the same time, one of the worst pests on the planet. What sets apart a pet rat from a pest rat? A number of things. For one, pet rats are usually kept in a cage or enclosure. As long as this area is regularly cleaned, bacteria and other disease-causing organisms are kept out. When allowed to roam freely, rats crawl through filthy areas and consume things that make them sick, and put others around them at risk. These dirty habits are bad enough in nature but made worse when these furry pests invade area properties. To help you get and keep rats off your Redding property, here are some things to consider.

What Rats Live In Redding?

Redding is home to a variety of rat species. Thankfully, most prefer to stay outdoors and rarely invade area properties. Two species that regularly break into local homes and businesses are roof rats and Norway rats. Norway rats are larger, brown, and have sharp teeth that can pierce through soft concrete, aluminum, and wood. Roof rats are smaller and often mistaken for mice. They are also known for their agility and the way they climb onto homes and other structures.

Some Ways Rats Invade Homes

There are two main ways rats break into homes. The first is by chewing a hole or gnawing on smaller openings until they are large enough to crawl through. The second way rats get into homes is by finding entry points, anything from an open window to an unprotected chimney.

The Difficulties In DIY Rat Control

If there is one thing you should know about rats is that they are difficult to eliminate. Not only are these pests adept at avoiding danger, but they also reproduce at rapid rates. If you don't handle infestations immediately, DIY options become ineffective fast. Keeping this in mind, here is what you should do if you find out your home has a rat infestation.

  1. Try to identify the size of your problem. While you may be able to handle one to two rodents with DIY methods, you should leave three or more to a professional.
  2. Place heavy-duty snap traps baited with peanut butter near areas you think rats are traveling, such as close to exterior holes, inside pantries, and in the backs of cabinets.
  3. Check these traps regularly for two weeks disposing of exterminated rats using safety equipment such as gloves and a mask.
  4. Call a professional if problems continue or if the size of your infestation is larger than you first thought.

Prevention Tips For Rats

One thing every homeowner should know is how to deter rats. Here are a few simple tricks and tips our experts recommend.

  • Seal up your home's exterior.
  • Keep your living areas clean.
  • Address moisture issues around your property.
  • Make sure to seal your trash cans properly.
  • Declutter your yard and keep up with your landscaping.

What To Do If Rats Invade

Dealing with rats is a dangerous task. If you suspect these rodents are causing trouble around your Redding property and need a quick and easy way to give them the boot, do not hesitate to involve the experts at Jefferson Pest Control. We make rodent control easy so that residents in our area do not have to struggle against these pests on their own. From trapping services to year-round pest control options, we have everything you need to fight back against rodents and other area pests. Call today to learn more about our options and get your home scheduled for a service visit.

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