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Spiders In Redding Can Be Very Difficult To Handle On Your Own

March 15, 2023 - Spiders

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A Northern California jewel, Redding will astound you with the beautiful views of the Sacramento River and Mount Shasta. While this city can be an outdoor paradise, there are different pests you’ll need to watch out for here. Spiders, especially, can be difficult and dangerous to remove on your own. If you are looking for professional pest control in Redding to get rid of spiders and other pests, Jefferson Pest Control is your local solution. Keep reading to learn more about our spider removal services.

Types Of Spiders That Commonly Invade Redding Homes

There are different kinds of spiders in California, and many of these are located in Redding. While most spider species are not dangerous, you still don’t want a spider infestation in your home. They can multiply quickly, and you could soon be fighting hundreds of spiders on your own.

The most common types of spiders that go into Redding homes are:

  • Black Widow Spiders: Measuring roughly 1½ - 1? inches, these spiders are shiny and black, with a distinctive hourglass-shaped red mark on their abdomen. Their bite requires medical attention.

  • Brown Recluse Spiders: These spiders are light to dark brown, and they have a dark brown violin marking on their back. Their bodies range from ¼ to ½ inches in size. In addition, they have six eyes which are arranged in three groups of two eyes each. Their bite is dangerous, and medical treatment is necessary following an encounter with one of these spiders.

  • Cellar Spiders: Their color ranges from pale yellow and light brown to gray. These spiders have small bodies and long, skinny legs. Their bodies range from ¼ to ? inches in size. They are not dangerous to humans.

  • Wolf Spiders: Females range from ? to 1 ? inches in size, while males measure between ¼ to ¾ inches. They are usually dark brown, often with paler or yellow markings. They are stout, with robust, hairy bodies and long, spiny legs. They may seem scary, but they are generally not dangerous to people. 

  • Yellow Sac Spiders: These spiders are light yellow to cream in color, and their bodies measure up to a half inch. They usually hide during the day. While they are not as dangerous as black widows or brown recluse spiders, you still don’t want to risk being bitten by them.

Regardless of the species, it is worth taking steps to keep spiders out of your Redding home.

The Side Effects Of Being Bitten By A Dangerous Spider

Although Redding is home to many harmless spiders, there are also dangerous spiders to watch out for here. Black widow spiders, brown recluse spiders, and yellow sac spiders are venomous and are considered dangerous to humans and pets.

If a venomous spider bites you, you may not even feel it at first. However, symptoms will develop. For example, a black widow bite will first look like two puncture marks on the skin, followed by a rise in painful symptoms. These include headaches, high blood pressure, muscle cramps, nausea, numbness, sweating, vomiting, and burning at the bite site. Comparably, a brown recluse bite will cause dark urination, fever, joint pain, nausea, swelling, as well as a burning sensation. While a yellow sac spider bite is not as dangerous, it can still cause burning, swelling, and even vomiting, and more severe issues. If you have seen any of these dangerous Redding spiders on your property, we recommend you contact pest control professionals immediately.

Five Naturally Effective Spider Prevention Tips

While we do not recommend DIY methods to try to get rid of spiders naturally, there are some tips that you can follow to prevent their presence in the first place.

You can easily follow these five naturally effective spider prevention tips:

  1. Sweep away spider webs as you find them to discourage spiders from settling in.

  2. Deter spiders in Redding from going into your garage or attic by keeping it clean and decluttered.

  3. Seal any entry points into your home, like holes in the walls or foundation.

  4. Trim the vegetation in your yard, especially if it is close or pressed up against the house.

  5. Vacuum your home regularly, especially the corners of the rooms.

In addition to the tips above, you can schedule a free inspection with Jefferson Pest Control to analyze if other factors are attracting spiders to your home.

The Key To Total Spider Control For Redding Homes

While there are different common house spiders, this does not mean they should be able to infest your home. Our expert technicians will help you create and implement a comprehensive spider removal plan so you can get your house back from these pests. Contact Jefferson Pest Control and get started today and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Redding.

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