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The Problem Mice Cause In Redding, CA Homes

February 14, 2022 - Mice

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While mice might make cute little pets and seem like they are harmless, there could be nothing further from the truth. Mice, as well as rats, can cause significant problems for residents of Redding.

These two rodent species are extremely prevalent throughout the country. While they might benefit from living alongside us, this relationship isn’t as great for humans as it is for rodents. Both mice and rats have become dependent on human buildings and the shelter, food, and water they provide, and because of this, they are adept at living in homes and quite invasive.

Both mice and rats can cause similar concerns as they can both destroy property and pose health risks. While rats are bigger and can do a bit more damage at once, mice are more prolific, so their infestations can get larger much faster. However, it’s rare to have an infestation of both at the same time.

Identifying Mice And Rats

There are three main types of rodents that get into Redding homes: the common house mouse, Norway rats, and roof rats. Here is what they each look like:

  • House mice are brown-grey with cream-colored underbellies. They have long, thin tails that are covered in fine hairs. They grow to be about five inches long.

  • Norway rats are also known as brown rats and have brown-grey fur. They can get up to 15 inches long, and they have blunt faces and short tails.

  • Roof rats are also called black rats. They are dark brown to black and are great at climbing.

Why Rodents Are So Destructive

The reasons rodents can cause so much damage boils down to one thing: gnawing. Both mice and rats will chew through all different materials as they need to grind their teeth down. This means they have a rather shocking ability to chew through even very strong materials such as plumbing pipes, plastic, and even wood.

They can damage electrical wires and piping and destroy many personal belongings such as clothing, books, and plastic items. Also, they will search out food sources, and anything they get into will need to be discarded.

The Health Risks That Rodents Cause

While the destruction that mice and rats cause is a problem, the health risks they pose for people are even more concerning. Rats and mice can spread many different diseases such as rat-bite fever, hantavirus, salmonellosis, and much more.

Plus, they can also cause other health issues such as:

  • Carrying parasites such as ticks and fleas can lead to the spread of even more illnesses

  • Causing allergic reactions and asthma attacks

  • Leading to other respiratory problems as their fur, urine, and droppings build up in walls

  • Biting people if they feel threatened, although they are generally not aggressive

How To Deal With Rodents Infestations In The Home

Are you seeing rodents around your house? Don’t let these dangerous pests stick around. The professional pest experts at Jefferson Pest Control are here to help.

Rodents can be difficult to eradicate using DIY methods because they are so invasive and so used to living in houses. Most methods such as traps and baits will only remove some of the individuals, but the technicians at Jefferson Pest Control can handle the entire infestation and keep it from coming back.

Just give us a call today to get started!

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