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Tips To Keep Your Redding Home Bed Bug-Free

January 15, 2022 - Bed Bugs

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In the past, bed bugs have been unfairly associated with dirty homes; in truth, bed bugs don’t discriminate in the types of homes they infiltrate. Bed bug control is often difficult because these hitchhiking bugs come in whatever way they can. Unfortunately, these parasitic insects are also difficult to eliminate. Their large numbers, spreading throughout the house and hiding in odd places make it difficult to spot treat, and they also can withstand long periods without food.

Bed bug pest control varies, but the most effective pest control to kill bed bugs comes with companies willing to be thorough and work with you to prepare your home against them. Continue reading to learn more about how bed bugs come into your home, techniques to prevent them, and the most effective pest control against bed bugs.

How Do You Get Bed Bugs?

Bed bug control is often difficult because these hitchhiking bugs come in whatever way they can. If you have bed bugs, it is most often because someone you know in passing also has them. Whether from the office, the daycare, the hotel, or from a used piece of furniture, they climb on clothing, bags, briefcases, shoes, or ride in on second-hand items.

These hardy pests are also known to travel from unit to unit in offices or apartments by simply sharing a wall void or walking out of one door and into another. These apple-seed-sized bugs aren’t easy to spot, so prevention can be difficult, but knowing where they come from and how they travel can make it easier to prevent yourself from bringing them home and having to invest in bed bug pest control.

How To Prevent Bed Bugs

Though difficult, it is possible to prevent bed bugs. It’s not 100 percent assured, but these bed bug control techniques can make it less likely for bed bugs to come home with you. As always, the easiest way to avoid chemicals in your home and make use of natural pest control for bed bugs is to practice thorough prevention.

  • When staying in hotels, don’t keep your suitcase or clothing on the floor of your room. Also, do a sweep of the room before settling in to check for signs of bed bugs.

  • When returning from travel, immediately vacuum and sanitize your luggage and wash and dry your clothes in the hottest setting.

  • Do a thorough check for signs of bed bugs when purchasing used furniture or appliances. These signs can be black blots that look like marker stains, blood stains, exoskeletons, and eggshells.

  • Make sure to vacuum frequently and wash sheets and blankets thoroughly, especially after returning home from a trip.

  • Don’t use under-bed storage and reduce clutter around the house.

Bed bug control techniques can reduce the odds that you wind up with these persistent pests, but entrusting your local pest control for bed bugs is the most risk-free method to keep your home clean and clear.

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Fast: Jefferson Pest Control

DIY methods are a non-threat to bed bugs. However, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice looking for natural pest control for bed bugs. At Jefferson Pest Control, your local pest control for bed bugs, our treatment will keep your family safe and rested while getting the job done fast.

With Jefferson Pest Control, pest control to kill bed bugs doesn’t have to be invasive. We want to work with you to control pest problems in the Redding area now and prevent them in the future.

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