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What To Do About The Spiders In My Redding Home?

October 15, 2021 - Spiders

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Common house spiders are also known as domestic house spiders and barn funnel weaver spiders because their webs look like a funnel with a hole in the middle. They are not an aggressive species and will leave people alone, living for several years in a house if left unbothered.

To identify this species, look for:

  • Size to ¼ to ½ of an inch long
  • Color varies from dark brown to grayish-brown with two dark-colored tripes on the cephalothorax and brown and light-beige spots on their abdomen
  • Eight-banded legs

All spiders have fangs and are venomous because they use their venom to subdue prey. However, most spiders in the United States are considered harmless to humans, except for the brown recluse and black widow. Although as a Redding resident, you should still know where spiders hide inside a home, how to prevent them, and what experts can do to help.

Where Can I Find Spiders?

When in a home, house spiders tend to hide, and if you are seeing them, it is most likely because they have outgrown their habitats and are becoming more visible. Places you might find spiders in your home include:

  • Under sinks and furniture
  • In stored cardboard and clutter
  • Door frames and window sills
  • Ceiling corners and in closets
  • Inside plants, vegetation, and woodpiles
  • In-wall cracks and decorations
  • Garages, sheds, and other outbuildings

Each of the locations listed can provide the privacy spiders like and access to needs such as food and water. To keep spiders from making their home on your property, you need to implement several tips. Not only will these tips help prevent spiders, but other pests as well.

How Can I Prevent Spiders?

A crucial part of preventing spiders is addressing possible pest issues as other pests provide prey for spiders. With these easy-to-implement tips, you should be able to keep spiders and other pests out of your home effectively. These tips are:

  • Remove harborage areas by decluttering both the interior and exterior of your home by cleaning up excess foliage and keeping the inside of your home tidy. 
  • Remove water sources by fixing leaking pipes and faucets and unclogging gutters.
  • Remove food sources by sweeping and cleaning up crumbs, taking the garbage out regularly, and keeping food in air-tight containers.
  • Remove access points by sealing gaps and cracks in the foundation and exterior walls of your home. You should also install weather stripping, door sweeps, and screens.
  • Remove lights that attract pests that are prey for spiders by dimming outdoor lights or keeping them off at night.

It is good practice to keep your home clean by sweeping and vacuuming regularly to remove any pests that may have wandered in webs that have formed and eggs that may have been laid. Even though most spiders are not dangerous to people, you should take action if you see an uptick of spiders on your property.

Who Can Help Me Get Rid Of Spiders?

For help getting the spiders or the pests that they feed on out of your home, contact the experts at Jefferson Pest Control. Our team of trained professionals can assist you in your Redding home when it comes to unwanted pests that might be destructive, dangerous, or even just a nuisance. We offer consistency you can trust with pest-free results every time, no matter what technicians services your home.

Don’t wait; call us at Jefferson Pest Control to learn more about our residential pest control or commercial pest management offerings and to set up a free inspection.