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Why Do I Have Mice In My Redding Home?

December 15, 2021 - Mice

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Many property owners will experience mice problems in their homes and struggle to determine what will repel mice from intruding. Mice have adapted to live near humans because of the potential access to food, water, and shelter sources. Although their lifespan might be only a year or two, these pests can reproduce multiple offspring throughout the year, making somewhat minor intrusions into bona fide infestations in a short period. 

The Most Common Types Of Mice In California

Some of the primary types of mice that infiltrate homes in the Redding region include the deer mouse, commonly also referred to as the field mouse and the house mouse. House mice generally have a body length of between two and four inches and have a tail of often a similar length. These creatures usually appear in shades of gray and have a lighter-colored underbelly. 

The house mouse often leaves a trail of excrement that is commonly described as “rod-like” droppings that contain harmful pathogens. Mice are known for carrying tularemia, hantavirus, salmonellosis, and a host of other harmful concerns. They also can create costly property damage by gnawing through drywall, wires, and cables as they travel throughout the premises. 

The Challenges In Preventing Intrusions 

It is often more challenging to prevent mice from entering than it is to get rid of mice and other rodents. Based on their relatively small size and tremendous agility, mice are difficult to prevent from penetrating the exterior to make their way indoors. Property owners are encouraged to take some of the following preventative measures: 

  • Install sweeps on the base of exterior doors.
  • Use caulk, sealant, mesh, and weatherstripping as needed to fill and obstruct likely points of entry.
  • Limit food sources by sweeping up crumbs, placing lids on trash receptacles containing food scraps, and removing uneaten pet food bowls. 
  • Discourage these pests from approaching the property’s exterior by moving firewood storage, piles of leaves, and other unnecessary debris away from the structure.

When To Contact A Professional Exterminator 

With each passing day, mice or other rodents that have penetrated the interior of your home and likely creating further damage to property and contaminating areas by spreading bacteria. Many property owners procrastinate, delay, or otherwise fail to contact a professional pest controller quickly, leading to increasingly worse concerns. The majority of pests will establish locations deep within the structure, including inside walls, below floors, and other inaccessible sites, and begin breeding rapidly. 

You are strongly encouraged to speak with a local expert promptly after detecting the presence of pests. Your home is a valuable investment that is worthy of professional treatment to ensure pests are ousted. 

Experienced Pest Control Company In Redding 

Did you know that the specialists with Jefferson Pest Control are usually available for same-day response or emergency services for home and business owners that are experiencing immediate pest-related issues? Aside from rodents, we have the experience, tools, and equipment to efficiently expel ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, and a variety of other annoying and potentially dangerous pests that infiltrate homes in this region. Keep in mind that our work quality is backed by a pest-free guarantee the ensure customer satisfaction. 

Our management team is also committed to continually improving the quality of the services we provide; therefore, our technicians routinely receive guidance and education regarding the latest innovations that have emerged in the pest control industry. Many of the products in the market today have achieved the often-challenging goal of being both safe and powerfully effective. We are a locally-owned organization that recognizes the importance of protecting the environment that we share and will choose to deploy eco-friendly options whenever possible. 

Contact our office to schedule an onsite inspection and estimate today. 

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